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Last updated: 2016-12-08 01:30 GMT


These rules apply to all users of the forum and chatroom.

1. Harrassment

Harassment of a fellow user or staff member will not be tolerated. In cases of harassment, the offender must be asked to stop and alternatively, the /ignore command can be used. If the offender persists, please log the event and request staff assistance.

The following points are prohibited:

  1. Out of character threats.
  2. Hate campaigns.
  3. Ridicule based on race, religion, beliefs, character choice, or intellectual capacity.
  4. Posting or seeking the personal information of another user.
  5. 'Imping' on other user's name [ex. substituting a lower case 'L' for an upper case 'I'].
  6. Excessive arguing, trolling and picking on others for self gratification.
  7. Entering a room with the sole intent of disturbing a game.

2. Content

Excessively lewd or vile content will not be permitted within the chat [this includes usernames, profiles, room names/descriptions/tags and chat content].

The following points are prohibited:

  1. Usernames with profanity, racial/ethnic slurs, or sexual references.
  2. Sexually suggestive photos [provocative poses or bare/outlined nether-regions].
  3. Graphic photos [dismemberment, gratuitous amounts of blood, extreme violence.]
  4. Links to pornographic or shock/overly repulsive images/websites.
  5. Descriptive, sexually themed conversation.
  6. Advertising/promoting cybersex.

3. Spam

Spam in any form will not be tolerated.

The following points are prohibited:

  1. Posting unnecessary lines of nonsensical characters [this includes, but is not limited to: 1337 -speak, txt, excessive caps/punctuation, and covert font color].
  2. Dropping fake URLs.
  3. Advertising sites not hosted on this server
  4. Excessive OOC in default IC-rooms.
  5. Excessive use of foreign languages OOCly.
  6. Sending out unwanted whispers or room-invites.

4. Rooms

User-made rooms are under the responsibility of the Users who make them and are subject to -the same rules as default rooms with the exception of spam. Room moderators are expected to follow the 'warn->kick->ban' concept outlined in the Disciplinary Procedure section.

The following points are prohibited:

  1. Room-tags are only informational and are not enforceable.
  2. Additional guidelines and specific properties must be outlined in your room's description.

4. Exploitation

Exploitation of flaws in our software will not be tolerated.

The following points are prohibited:

  1. Discussing, seeking or exploiting security flaws in the software.
  2. Linking users to websites containing malicious data (malware, annoying scripts, etc).
  3. Attempting to gain access to Administrative tools.
  4. Attempting to obtain an unknowing user's credentials.
  5. Impersonation of a staff member by any means.

Users found to be in violation of these rules will have action taken against them as outlined by the Disciplinary System.

Disciplinary Procedure

Warn: A request for a user to halt his or her unsavory behaviour.

Kick: Forceful removal of a user from the chat, only after a warning.

Ban: Prolonged removal from the chat for a length determined by chat staff. This method of discipline should always be a final resort.

Evidence forgery will result in a ban - length will be determined by the collective staff.

Ban appeals and any other conflict pertaining to discipline must be privately addressed to staff. Logs/screenshots are helpful. If you feel you have been unfairly or incorrectly banned, you may address the issue via the Ban Appeal Topic on the forum.

Staff Discretion

In some cases, chat staff are entrusted with the liberty of discretion, thus reserving the right to utilize their power in the most effective and just manner. The Staff reserves the right to handle each offense differently depending on the level of blatancy and the nature of the situation.

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